Beyond Headlines

Let's face it: There is an overwhelming volume of news out there. It's hard to keep up with it all. Many people settle for just knowing the top national and international headlines. While these certainly are important, there is much more news happening daily than makes the headlines. Broader access to news expands our awareness and understanding, and better prepares us to address the daily challenges of these difficult times and anticipate the even bigger questions about our future.

At Telos Media we are interested in the two ends of the news spectrum: local, current news and events that are actionable in our lives today, and the long-term issues about our future that will fundamentally change society. 

In order to get beyond the top headlines, Telos Media is creating an all-in-one package of Daily Digests that provide easy access to news from every level of community - local to global and beyond. The Digests combine trending content ideal for social sharing with thought-provoking content important for complex issues surrounding democracy, technology, and the future. This approach assures a local readership, as the reliably entertaining, trending content worth sharing will make Telos a go-to daily medium, while its compelling content on the critical issues facing our society will engage readers beyond quick bursts of attention and bring them back more frequently for thoughtful reflection.

Editorial Focus

We provide media that covers local-to-global news and beyond. This comes in the forms of aggregated daily digests and in-depth thought pieces. Our main focus in every form, and at every level, is to produce content that empowers and enables our audience to take action to shape a better future.   

But we also realize that a continuous call to action in serious tones can be exhausting - we need some ways to bring joy and levity to people's lives. Our approach to media could be best stated this way: we want to create an informed, pragmatic vision for the future, and we want to have fun along the way

Daily Digests

We produce daily news digests that give our audience a quick snapshot of what they should know that day. This content is aggregated using digital data analytics on top trending stories, and selectively chosen to fit our goal of empowering our audience and our themes of democracy and technology.

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For each city and state in which we have a local presence, we will have content focused on those markets. On these levels, we mix fun, entertaining local stories with more meaningful commentary on important local issues. We also include an event happening each day, which may be a call to action, or a more community-based event. 

On the national and global levels, we find stories that go beyond the top headlines and bring our audience content they might not otherwise see. We focus on news that call attention to policies, organizations, events, and technologies that are impacting our democracy.

Events in science and technology are happening every day that could dramatically impact our future. We provide our audience with fascinating news reports that offer a glimpse of the big picture questions about the future of society. 

Deeper Dives

Aggregated and daily news is a great way to quickly keep people informed. But it is harder for those stories to provide a deeper commentary on the impact those news and events are having, or could have, on our society. For that, our publication offers its own content created and curated by industry and thought leaders. These deep dives will focus on the issues that will have the greatest impact on the future of our society.

Our democratic institutions are threatened by fractured politics, ineffective and outdated systems, new technologies, and international conflict. We examine these challenges and provide in-depth commentary and analysis on what they might mean for the future of democracy.

Technology is advancing at a pace that far exceeds public understanding and policy. These developments have the potential to radically alter everything from our jobs, to our infrastructure, to our very biology. We need a stronger understanding of these changes so that we can make collective decisions that ensure a better future for humanity. 

To create a better future, we need to act. Individuals can make the biggest impact on the local level, and if enough individuals act, together we can create change. We provide investigative reporting and thought leadership from local experts on what's happening in the region, and how to get involved.


Telos Media will offer unique features that set it apart from all other media, including:

  • Personal Customization - content customized to each person’s own interests and preferred methods of media consumption

  • Going viral - focus on content and style that encourages our audience to share with their network, allowing our audience to become our most effective distributor

  • Leading thinkers - contributions and interviews from prominent academics, researchers, and industry leaders, including the researchers and fellows at the Telos Institute

  • Media variety - information available in every media form, including online publication, podcast, newsletter, video, and social media

  • World class user experience - modern graphic and digital design to present information in compelling ways that capture audience attention

Telos Media will be freely available while still maintaining the highest quality of content and presentation.