Educating the Public

Most media organizations react to events as they occur, and rarely focus on big picture issues concerning the future of humanity.

As a result, the topics of technological advance and existential risk are esoteric and poorly understood, and do not enter into the global conversation. This is deeply problematic, since they affect the entire future of humanity. To quote Nick Bostrom, a prominent futurist researcher, “a moral case can be made that existential risk reduction is strictly more important than any other global public good.”

In order to collectively respond to these challenges, we need a concerted effort to engage the public and make these issues accessible and relatable.

Telos Media addresses this urgent need to raise public awareness of these issues through compelling stories and engaging media. With a focus on the general public, Telos Media is uniquely positioned to harness the increasing interest in technology and raise awareness on critical issues that have the potential to deeply affect our future.


Telos Media will offer unique features that set it apart from all other media, including:

  • Personal Customization - content customized to each person’s own interests and preferred methods of media consumption

  • Going viral - focus on content and style that encourages our audience to share with their network, allowing the audience to become our most effective distributor

  • Leading thinkers - contributions and interviews from prominent academics, researchers, and industry leaders, including the researchers and fellows at the Telos Institute

  • Media variety - information available in every media form, including online publication, podcast, newsletter, video, and social media

  • World class user experience - modern graphic and digital design to present information in compelling ways that capture audience attention

Telos Media will be freely available while still maintaining the highest quality of content and presentation.