Rigorous Research

In today's media, long-form journalism and scholarly research is not rewarded, yet these things are vital to understanding current events and shaping a vision for the future. 

Although there exist a few research institutions that focus on future studies, existential risk, and technology, these institutes are typically academic in nature, and not easily accessible by the public. This presents a challenge to researchers, as many insist that there is an urgent need to raise awareness on a global scale.

Telos aims to respond to this challenge through the creation of a research institute with an explicit goal of generating knowledge and reporting that is accessible and relatable.

The mission of the Telos Foundation is to support research and journalism on the most critical issues to the future of humanity, and to promote their understanding in the general public

With an orientation towards the future, the Foundation hopes to contribute to the generation of a proactive approach to ensuring a future in which all people can lead meaningful lives.


The primary function of the Telos Foundation will be to award fellowships to distinguished and promising thinkers. Fellowships will be awarded for research and journalism in the following areas:

  • Local issues

  • Future-oriented public policy

  • Democratic institutions, the rules of law, and and political theory

  • Social and economic implications of technological advance

  • Existential risk

  • Artificial intelligence

Fellows will receive financial support and resources to assist in the production of new knowledge and insight. They will gain access to a network of current and former fellows, in addition to the thought leaders connected to Telos.

Fellows will be expected to produce work, but the form that takes is not specified. They will also be expected to work closely with Telos Media through interviews, consultation, and direct contributions. This connection to the media organization is a crucial component of the Foundation’s commitment to promoting public understanding.

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