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The Telos Foundation awards fellowships to distinguished and promising thinkers. Telos Fellows develop research, understanding, and journalistic content that provide crucial insight into the challenges that face our communities. 

Digital click-based media lack incentives for journalists to produce high-quality and long-form investigative stories. Instead, they are pushed to write quick, brief stories with eye-catching headlines and provocative hints at entertaining content. 

Through its fellowships, the Telos Foundation is committed to supporting people who can shed light on issues critical to society and allowing them to dive more deeply and rigorously into their research and reporting.


Fellowships are awarded for research and journalism in the following areas:

Democracy-logo (1).png

Our democracy is changing and adapting to an increasingly globalized and interconnected world. Fellowships are awarded to political scientists and investigative journalists who can help us better understand these changes, and how we can remake our institutions to create a more just and democratic society.

Public Policy-logo.png

With an orientation toward the future, fellows may explore the current policies and alternative ideas that will shape our society. This places a priority on taking a proactive approach to our future. Some example topics include universal basic income, biotechnology management, and self-driving car regulations.

Social Impact of Technology-logo.png

Fellowships will be awarded to promising leaders who are exploring the social and economic implications of technological advance. Technological advances are rapidly entering into our lives and our communities. These can have deeply disruptive effects on society that occur more quickly than we are able to understand them.

Existential Risk-logo.png

Fellows may choose to focus on global and existential risks and help make them accessible to the general public. Existential risks are hypothetical events that have the potential to threaten the future of humanity.  Threats of this nature include nuclear warfare, biotechnology risks, hostile artificial intelligence, and global climate change. 

Fellowships will be awarded to researchers, computer scientists, and journalists who engage with the challenges of artificial intelligence and can educate the public on their implications. AI is already contributing to major societal disruptions through automation, advanced consumer products, and big data analysis. As AI continues to advance, its effects will magnify and threaten to surpass human intelligence and understanding.

Fellows will be selected by a committee of civic leaders, scholars, and Telos staff. 


Although these issues are critically important to our future, they receive very little attention. Researchers, thought leaders, and journalists often cannot access the time or resources they need to focus on them. We're dedicated to providing those resources to our fellows, but they rely on the support from people like you to undertake this important and necessary work. 

Your donations go toward the funding of fellowships and provision of resources and equipment they need for their work. After making a donation, you'll receive updates on the work they produce, public appearances they make, and thought leadership they contribute.  

Donations to the Telos Foundation go to our nonprofit institute. These gifts are tax-deductible, and make a huge impact on supporting our work and research. If you prefer to donate in another form, please email us at