Create Change

In order to create change, we need more than just the passive consumption of information. We also need to act, and action should be informed by facts and understanding.

Telos is founded on a set of principles that value humans and human agency. These values guide our vision for the future. Although we will provide space for debate, as in any healthy democratic platform, we will also set out initiatives that engage individuals and social institutions. We will push for public policies that we believe provide for the best future society, and encourage public support on those positions. We will not shy away from putting pressure on elected officials to consider these problems, and will actively lobby for a less myopic political status quo.

The shape and form of these initiatives and public engagements will vary and change over time. Some potential forms include:

  • Large public events

  • Public forums and speaker panels

  • Contributions to public policies and governmental decision-making

Fundamentally, Telos seeks to take a proactive approach to determining our future. This requires a level of public and political engagement, and a willingness to stand up for what we believe in.