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Human Agency

Human Agency gives you the power to share your story with the world. We put the tools of digital advertising in the hands of organizations, campaigns, small businesses, and ordinary people, helping you break out of silos, amplify your message, and expand your impact.

Send powerful messages

Human Agency platform enables anyone to design digital advertisements and share them across every major digital platform with the click of a button. Our ad-builder, quick-targeting, and auto-optimization makes digital ad design and distribution simple, easy, and effective.

On every platform, instantly

Send and manage your ads on every platform with a single click.

Fine tuned

Just drop your ads in a custom playlist and we'll optimize your spend for you.

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Find your people

Use our quick targeting tools to reach the right people at the right time.

Activate your audience

Make your ads public so your supporters can fund your ads directly.

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Source good ideas

Invite anyone to create digital content to support your mission.

why digital ads?

Social and digital media dominates our media landscape. Facebook, Twitter and other platforms have replaced newspapers and broadcast television as the primary sources of information for most Americans. These platforms operate profoundly differently than traditional media entities. Paying advertisers drive the content we see, specifically targeting messages to the audiences that are most likely to respond positively. As a result, we are relegated to information echo chambers where our beliefs go unquestioned and fake news spreads unchallenged.

We understand the power of these tools. Now, how can we make them work for ordinary people? How can we use digital advertising to cut through echo chambers and rebuild our democracy? 

In our view, it starts with access. That's why we've built a platform that allows anyone, anywhere to use these tools more easily and effectively than ever before. We help people reach across ideological lines and share their stories with those who would never see it. We help non-profits and small businesses grow their impact. We help campaigns save money and engage new voters.

The power of digital advertising shouldn't be confined to large corporations and wealthy political donors. Human Agency is putting that power in the hands of the people.


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Local-to-global newsletter delivered daily to your inbox with the top stories on the most important issues.

Online Publication

Digital publication including daily news, progressive commentary, and in-depth stories about democracy, technology, and the future of humanity. 


Daily podcasts that provide an overview of the day's news with amusing commentary and expert interviews, and monthly podcasts that more deeply explore critical issues impacting our society.  


Short videos explaining important issues through compelling visuals, graphics, and storytelling.

The Big Picture (this section can go away I think)

To create a better future, we need a hopeful vision of society. We want to help shape that vision, and pair it with inclusive collective actions people can take to make change. 

Through daily news, we connect with our audience on compelling stories and the issues most relevant to them. These digests mix trending content ideal for social sharing with thought-provoking content important for understanding democracy, technology, and the future. 

But we can't create a vision for the future solely through aggregated news and quick commentary. That's why we are creating a research foundation that can take a deep look at the big picture issues facing our communities.

The Telos Foundation offers fellowships to rising leaders, journalists, and researchers to give them the time and resources necessary for in-depth research, investigative journalism, and thought leadership that provides a vision for the future.



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