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The Problem

As democracy erodes and AI threatens to make humans obsolete, people increasingly struggle to make sense of it all and are losing a sense of agency.

Technology is advancing at a pace that far exceeds public understanding and policy while the rule of law, our institutions, and collective political discourse are being undermined. As a result, our society is not set up to ensure people succeed in the future. We need a shared vision of a future worth fighting for.

There are no major media companies that are dedicated to deeply engaging with these topics.

Although there exist several research institutes who study the future, they are inaccessible to the general public. Despite the importance of these issues, they are poorly understood. 


Telos provides an informed, hopeful, and actionable vision for a better world.

Telos offers progressive commentary on technology and governance along with engaging daily local and national news roundups. Offering a collection of media - podcasts, newsletters, and engaging videos - Telos will have a broad reach.

Agency requires a future that is worth striving for and can be acted upon. 

Telos provides a progressive narrative, a vision of society that can get better. This hopeful thread is paired with inclusive collective actions people can take to make change. To advance the conversation, Telos offers fellowships to rising leaders to provide the time and space necessary to envision this future and produce great content.

Success in the 21st century is as much about getting people to engage with the content as it is about the substance of the content.

Deploying marketing tactics through mixed media, SEO, and social strategy Telos connects people with content they care about. 

Get Involved

Telos is launching in early 2018.

We're assembling an advisory board of thought leaders and influencers, signing on advertisers, and engaging donors who  want to be at the forefront of creating a voice of the future.

The amount of energy we have behind us by the time we launch will determine what Telos is and can become. The future is something we build together - everyone has something to contribute.

Join us. 



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