Like many of you, we were tired of feeling like we couldn’t make a difference. Any time we wanted to share some piece of news or information that we thought was really important, it felt like shouting into a big echo chamber. We couldn’t get our message out to change people’s minds. Instead, we were trapped in our own social bubble.

That’s why we created Humanize: it’s a way to burst out of our bubble and get our message in front of people who thought differently than us. For us, “the enemy” was never other people, but the sea of misinformation and bias that was assaulting everyone. We want to pierce through that and open up new ways to communicate with different people.

We banded together a group of socially- and politically-minded entrepreneurs, designers, developers, technologists, and activists to see what we could do. Through some work that we did registering voters using digital ads, we knew about the (kinda scary) power of social media advertising. We also knew that ⅔ of Americans get news from social media. We also knew that regular people have no access to social media advertising. We saw a way to transform communication using the tools already lying around us.

Humanize was born with the mission of empowering individuals to effectively promote issues, causes, and information that matters to them. With the power of social media advertising, you can get your message outside of your social bubble to anyone in the world. With Humanize we’ve deployed the most powerful tools of advertising and made them accessible so that in under 30 seconds, you can create a message and send it to anyone in the world.

We’re excited to have you here and to help you amplify your voice. So get out there and humanize! And together, we can change hearts and minds to create a better world.

The Problem

People are increasingly struggling to make sense of what is happening in their communities, their country, and their world. At the same time, our lives and our society are quickly changing. Technology is advancing at a pace that far exceeds public understanding and policy. Climate change threatens our environment while destabilizing governments and our global economy. Fractured politics are undermining our democratic institutions and collective political discourse.

We need a source for news and commentary that meets people where they are and offers them a shared vision of a future worth fighting for. 

Get Involved

Humanize is launching in summer 2018.

We're assembling a team, advisors, and like-minded investors who want to be at the forefront of creating a purposeful future.