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The Problem

As our democracy erodes and our media institutions come under fire, people are increasingly struggling to make sense of what is happening in their communities, their country, and their world. 

At the same time, our lives and our society are quickly changing. Technology is advancing at a pace that far exceeds public understanding and policy. Climate change threatens our environment while destabilizing governments and our global economy. Fractured politics are undermining our democratic institutions and collective political discourse.

We need a source for news and commentary that meets people where they are and offers them a shared vision of a future worth fighting for. 


Telos provides a informed, hopeful, and actionable vision for a better world.

Local to Global, and Beyond

Telos offers daily local-to-global news digests that combine the day's most interesting stories with its most important issues. Using digital analytics, we find the hottest articles at each level of your community and compress it all into one easy and accessible place. 

Know Your City

Local news and events in your city

Know Your State

Key issues in your home state

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Know Your Nation

The biggest national stories

Know Your World

Challenges facing the entire globe

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Know Your Future

Things changing the future of humanity

Media for Everyone

Success in the 21st century is as much about getting people to engage with the content as it is about the substance of the content. That's why we provide every form of media, so individuals can choose how, when, and where they want to get their information. 

Daily Newsletter

Local-to-global newsletter delivered daily to your inbox with the top stories on the most important issues.

Online Publication

Digital publication including daily news, progressive commentary, and in-depth stories about democracy, technology, and the future of humanity. 


Daily podcasts that provide an overview of the day's news with amusing commentary and expert interviews, and monthly podcasts that more deeply explore critical issues impacting our society.  


Short videos explaining important issues through compelling visuals, graphics, and storytelling.

The Big Picture

To create a better future, we need a hopeful vision of society. We want to help shape that vision, and pair it with inclusive collective actions people can take to make change. 

Through daily news, we connect with our audience on compelling stories and the issues most relevant to them. These digests mix trending content ideal for social sharing with thought-provoking content important for understanding democracy, technology, and the future. 

But we can't create a vision for the future solely through aggregated news and quick commentary. That's why we are creating a research foundation that can take a deep look at the big picture issues facing our communities.

The Telos Foundation offers fellowships to rising leaders, journalists, and researchers to give them the time and resources necessary for in-depth research, investigative journalism, and thought leadership that provides a vision for the future.

Get Involved

Telos is launching in early 2018.

We're assembling an advisory board of thought leaders and influencers, signing on advertisers, and engaging donors who want to be at the forefront of creating a purposeful future.

The amount of energy we have behind us by the time we launch will determine what Telos is and can become. The future is something we build together - everyone has something to contribute.

Join us. 



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