We're launching the next voice of the future.

Put your brand at the front.

Become a Brand of the Future

Your support demonstrates your status as a thought leader in the areas that will have the biggest effect on our society. Telos builds its audience around a passion for the future, and they will see the brands who make this possible as innovative and forward-looking. 

Reach Millions

We capture a wide and loyal audience through compelling, relevant, and cutting-edge stories. By focusing on qualities that make content "go viral", we create buzz and quickly grow our following. 


Diverse Sponsorship

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Branded feature sections 

Featured sections brought to our audience by your brand. Choose among different topics that best suit your organization's message.

Video advertisements 

Video messages played before our content. Create visually compelling videos that tell a story about your brand and your organization. 

Native digital advertising

Sponsored content matching the style and form of our platform, coherently integrated with the rest of our online content.


Custom audio podcast sponsorships 

Integrated sponsorships read by podcast hosts, bringing the character of the program and endorsement by association. 

Launch with us

Your support before our launch forms a partnership. That's why we offer discounts to advertisers who pledge their support before we launch. Our partners will also be featured in our promotional material leading up to and during our nation-wide launch, which provides a one-time opportunity for exposure to a new national audience.

For inquiries about how you can partner with us, contact us at partner@telos.io