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Advertise with us

In 2018 Human is launching a national platform with local content in specific states and locales around the country. We are looking for launch advertisers, and will ensure that those who partnering with us before launch will receive the most effective and efficient advertising opportunities.

Your support before our launch forms a partnership and makes our work possible. That is why we offer significant discounts, long-term benefits, and guaranteed results to launch advertisers. Launch partnerships start as low as $500/mo and receive the following benefits:

  1. More Efficient. Launch rates substantially lower than other local or national publications.
  2. More Effective. With native sponsored content we engage your target audience more meaningfully than traditional display advertising or content marketing.
  3. Guaranteed. We eliminate risk by guaranteeing results (a minimum number of annual impressions) or your advertising on Telos is free.
  4. Forward-Thinking. Launch partners lock in their rates, as long as they choose to partner.

Reach Millions

We capture a wide and loyal audience through compelling, relevant, and cutting-edge stories. By focusing on qualities that make content "go viral", we create buzz and quickly grow our following. 

Become a Brand of the Future

Your support demonstrates your status as a thought leader in the areas that will have the biggest impact on our society. Telos builds its audience around a passion for a better future. Our users see the brands that make this possible as innovative and forward-looking. 

The Future of Advertising

Most media platforms offer banner image spots and advertisement pop-ups. These present a company's brand image, but do nothing to engage viewers, and are often ignored or resented by viewers. At Telos, we do not care to enter the field of low-quality impressions. We offer a more effective approach:

  • Shape the narrative: Telos focuses on native advertising, working with our advertiser partners to write stories that shape a narrative. These will be designed seamlessly to integrate with the rest of our content. You will determine what topics you care about, and what position best tells your story.

  • Efficient targeting: We work with our partners to develop and influence profile, demographics within our audience who you want to reach. We’ll use custom data to target and selectively market to those demographics, bringing you the most precise and efficient messaging possible.

We establish your brand as a thought leader on issues that matter and allow you to tell your story. At Telos, you will not be flooded with glaring banner images and annoying sidebar display ads. You will see the future of advertising. As a partner, you can be a part of that future.

Diverse Sponsorship

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Branded feature sections 

Featured sections brought to our audience by your brand. Choose among different topics that best suit your organization's message.

Video advertisements 

Video messages played before our content. Create visually compelling videos that tell a story about your brand and your organization. 

Native digital advertising

Sponsored content matching the style and form of our platform, coherently integrated with the rest of our online content.


Custom audio podcast sponsorships 

Integrated sponsorships read by podcast hosts, bringing the character of the program and endorsement by association. 

Social First

Branded social media content that allows you to make an impression on a broad audience through new forms of social sharing. 

LOCAL TO global Reach

Our news gets broken down by community level, from local to global, allowing us to tailor local content to the people in that location, while providing national and global news to everyone. This creates an opportunity to choose to market toward very specific locations where your message will be most relevant, or toward a broader national and global audience to maximize exposure.

We determine how we market our advertisements by talking with our partners and understanding their message and their goals.

  • Local Advertisers: we target your message to send it directly to the consumers in your area, and work with you to give it an authentic local tone and style.

  • National Advertisers: we present your story to a wide audience to ensure it reaches the most consumers and establishes you as a thought leader at a global scale.

Whether you are a national or local brand, we’ll work to make sure your message gets to the audience that matters to you.

For inquiries about how you can partner with us, contact us at partner@telos.io